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  • Optical Boutique

    Optical Boutique

    We offer over 1,000 frames with styles for men, women, kids & athletes. We feature frames from popular designers such as; Calvin Klein, Gucci, Nike, etc.

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  • Contact Lenses

    Contact Lenses

    Good vision, eye health, and contact lenses should not be judged on price alone. We at Golden Vision Clinic P.C. are educated and experienced — to give you excellence in: Testing, Evaluation, Fitting, Personal Care & Training and Follow-Up Care. Golden Vision Clinic offers a variety of contact lenses; 1 Day Contact Lenses, Disposable Daily Wear, Disposable Extended Wear, Disposable Tinted, Bifocal Contact Lenses, Firm and Soft.

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  • Vision Therapy

    Vision Therapy

    Vision is our most precious and valuable sense, and 90% of learning is visual in nature. But what if our eyes don’t function as well as they should, as occurs with a vision problem? When a person has a vision problem, information is not acquired easily and efficiently.

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  • Eye Health

    Eye Health

    Here is some valuable information to help you understand all the aspects of you and your loved one’s vision, please follow the links below to find out more. * Optical * Visual Conditions * Contacts * Eye Diseases * Eye Care Tips * Children’s Vision * Refractive Surgery * Computers & Vision

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  • Special Facebook Promotion

    Special Facebook Promotion

    Do you want to give the gift of sight with the click of a button? Find out how!!!

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Quality of Care

Since 1973 Golden Vision Clinic has offered high quality of patient care and customer service.

A family practice

We care for your entire family, from grandparents to parents to children. Routine eye care including glasses, contacts and eye health is the heart and soul of our practice.

Specialty services

Contact lenses, vision therapy, eye disease and low vision are a few of the special services offered at Golden Vision Clinic.

Experience a new level of care at your next eye exam

Here at Golden Vision Clinic we provide the highest level of care and education to our patients, the best products and outstanding customer service.


? Does your occupation have unique needs that a special pair of glasses can resolve?

? Do you have a chronic eye condition that no one has addressed?

? Is your vision clear and comfortable?

? Are there eye conditions in your family history that put you at higher risk for eye disease?

Our staff and doctors are thorough and efficient, and will work hard to ensure that your experience at Golden Vision Clinic is exceptional.


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