Optical Boutique

The Optical Boutique at Golden Vision Clinic provides personal and professional eye wear selection for your lifestyle.

We work to ensure that your eyewear will suit your needs and enhance your look. Not all lenses are the same. At our office you will receive only premium products. Education on the wide variety of lens options will help you make the right choice for your eyewear. Our opticians will spend the time to make sure you are happy with your selections. We strive to provide personalize eye care to each and every patient.

In 1900 the average life expectancy for humans was 50 years of age. Cataracts tend to develop at age 65, so no problems appeared then. However, studies are showing that cataracts are developing at earlier ages in individuals with over exposure to ultraviolet light. Now the life expectancy is over 77 and cataracts are definitely one of those things that we have learned to live with and overcome, because the techniques for cataract surgery have evolved to be very sophisticated and successful.

On the other hand, the Macula and Retina (the seeing part of your eye) tends to break down in the mid 70′s, and there is minimal treatment and no cure. If this condition is accelerated by only a few years due to harmful overexposure from ultra violet radiation, the later years can be visually devastating. These effects are like skin cancer that develops several decades after overexposure to the sun, so protect yourself now!

It is our opinion that if we are to error, we should error on the side of safety. Therefore, it is wise to protect yourself from overexposure to all wavelengths, especially ultraviolet, with ophthalmic quality sunglasses. This is most important if you spend time outdoors where it is sunny, windy, and at high altitudes (like Colorado).

Polarized Sunglasses

When light reflects off a flat surface (water, snow, sand, windshields, etc), it becomes polarized in only one direction. This is seen as bright, white, glare. Polarized sunglasses can block this type of glare by acting as a selective filter. This filter only allows light through the lens at a specific axis, making the glare disappear. The light waves coming from the sun or incandescent light bulbs can be polarized in any direction and is also filtered by polarized lenses.

Outdoor activities besides driving and fishing, including bird watching, golf, target-shooting, can be enhanced and more fully enjoyed with polarized sunglasses. The resulting colors appear much more saturated, truer and purer.  Unlike tinted lenses, which are susceptible to fading and color change, Polarized lenses are a uniform density. There tint does not vary from differences in absorption related to prescription strength or material type.  Polarized lenses also absorb all UV radiation.

These two images were taken from the same spot through a normal lens (left) and a polarizing lens (right)

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